Mosaics have always been in the back of my mind, but in 2007 I sat down and made my first mosaic.  I then set up my little studio and have not stopped.  I am the middle child of an artist father, and in 1963 my parents made a fabulous 7' mosaic table that we used as our dining room table (sometimes with short legs it was our coffee table).  I still have that table, see photo below.  Art is in my veins, I will go to heaven happy ... making mosaic art.

As I grow and learn in mosaics I am profoundly in awe of this medium.  It is so versatile hence I never become tired of making the next one.  I have found that like life, all the little pieces fit together to become one great thing!  The little town I live in is a slice of heaven and doing mosaics here is just the icing on the cake!!   My nick name is Bevo- (beevo), please call me Beverly or Bevo-



SAMA, CMA, CMS, Fine Art in The Park; Teacher of Mosaics at The McKinney Center for the Arts

Beverly Thomas Jenkins

​Mosaic lover and artist


It is always a matter of rearranging when you have a tiny spot like mine :).

MEET ME and part of my family
Herman (my husband), Breelyn (our daughter), Me, Alex (our son-in-law) ... Zac (our son) is missing in this photo ... see pic below.

My Studio

Working on "Fantasy Rooster".

The table!

There it is, the incredible table my parents made in 1963; over time it has a subtle patina and is one of a kind beautiful, it is a real treasure.


Beverly thomas jenkins

​​​mosaic artist

Breelyn and Zac

My 2 beautiful children